27 October 2020-2020 Cross-Strait Finance and Business Seminar

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27 Oct, 2020
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On October 27th 2020, the School of Business and Soochow University Soochow School of Business jointly organized the "2020 Cross-Strait Finance and Business Seminar-New Trends in Business Development in the Post-Pandemic". After the speeches, the two institutes and the teachers took a group photo by video camera side by side. This conference can be said the first long-distance video conference since the two sides have cooperated for many years. Although teachers of the two sides cannot get close to each other due to the epidemic, the communication through computer video is also an unforgettable and special experience.

This seminar were 6 sessions (“accounting and corporate governance”, “finance and business environment”, “trade and e-commerce”, “management and corporate innovation”, “finance and asset allocation”, and “social and economic development”) in 2 meeting places. 31 papers were published and commented. Through the publication of the papers of both parties and mutual comments and discussions, they can communicate with each other on related topics and share opinions. After the papers of each session were published, the closing ceremony was held immediately and had a successful ending to the cross-strait seminar this year. After the closing ceremony, Dean Fu of our school took this opportunity to lead Associate Dean Hu and related department heads to discuss the follow-up cooperation between the two parties. Hope that the two parties will continue to cooperate and have more substantial partnerships in the future.