• Department of Economics

    The department of Economics aims to help students develop the ability of independent thinking, as well as to offer training for both professional expertise and economic analysis with global perspectives. The Department offers a wide variety of teaching-and-learning activities to stimulate learning interests of students and to enhance student ability in Economics, Finance, and the related fields.

  • Department of Accounting

    The purpose of department of Accounting is to “cultivate students to be dedicated and gregarious accounting experts”. For accomplishing this mission, the department sets three educational objectives for students to: (1) construct core professional knowledge with combination of theory and practice, (2) emphasize on the interdisciplinary integration between accounting and other fields, and (3) familiarize them with the professional ethic and gregarious spirit. With the goals of rigorous teaching and keeping a balance on the quantitative and qualitative requirements, our faculty consistently devotes to educating our students to be accounting experts.

  • Department of Business Administration

    We believe that to learn problem-solving skill is one of the purposes of higher education. To ensure that our students have the requisite skills and competencies to succeed as professionals in the workforce, we provide a variety of curriculum to shape student knowledge of the field.

  • Department of International Business

    The major purpose of department of International Business is to develop international business talents with a sense of social responsibility. Our programs provide students with a comprehensive training and learning process in a variety of fields, including international trade, international finance, international business management, and global marketing.

  • Department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics

    The department of Financial Engineering and Actuarial Mathematics comprises three academic programs: undergraduate, master, as well as an executive master program. The core courses incorporate insurance, actuarial science and financial engineering into an interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • Department of Computer Science and Information Management

    Our programs place equal emphases on information technology and business management aspects, as well as business information systems development and design. Courses offered include information technology and information management fields.

  • Undergraduate Program of Business

    UPB is a business bachelor program of extension education, transformed from the Evening Divisions of the four Departments in the School of Business: Economics, Accounting, Business Administration and Business Mathematics. The students of UPB are either general or on-job students.

  • Executive Master of Business Administration

    SU’s EMBA is a general management degree program designed to meet the needs of mid-career professionals who are looking to develop broad based management skills. EMBA program emphasizes on both plan and fulfillment, in order to enhance students’ global views and international management skills.

  • Global Business Program

    The Global Business Program (GBP) provides students with modern-day knowledge, proven skills and wide-range abilities to excel in any international business setting in the 21st century. To better meet the daunting demand in an increasingly competitive global economy, the GBP trains students in developing global views and creative thinking strategically.

Cross-Disciplinary Program

  • Program of Finance

    In order to meet the growing demand for professionals in the financial market, this program offers fundamental knowledge in finance and incorporates courses in financial innovation, financial information systems and risk management. This program also conducts case studies, provides education in financial fields, offers training for students to become financial professionals and encourages them to become involved in the research of financial matters.

  • Program of Financial Technology

    To integrate the financial research and development of information technology in School of Business, this program cultivates interdisciplinary professionals in finance and information technology.

  • Program of International Trade and Management

    The Program of International Trade and Management was founded in 2018. All courses under this Program are entirely taught in English and are open to local and exchange students. We believe that having our students immersed in the relevant linguistic environment and working with international peers will enable them to develop multifaceted international communication and academic English skills, giving them a competitive advantage.

  • International Program of Finance and Economics

    The International Program of Finance and Economics was founded in 2018. All courses under this Program are entirely taught in English and are open to local and exchange students. Since we see EMI courses as essential for building globally competitive talents, diversified supporting mechanism are given to students to ensure that they have a fair understanding of important languages and professional learning.

Research Center

  • Center for Business Research and Development

    The aim of Center for Business Research and Development is to integrate academic research and related academic activities of the Business School of SCU, and to execute commissioned research from governmental and non-governmental institutions.

  • Yunus Social Business Center, Soochow University

    The establishment of Soochow University Yunus Social Business Center (Soochow YSBC) is inspired by the renown Dr. Muhammad Yunus who is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, banker, economist, and civil society leader who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance. Other than cooperating with Yunus Social Business Foundation founded by Dr. Yunus, Soochow YSBA is dedicated to the research and promotion of cultivating a sustainable society through innovation, entrepreneurship, public policy, and public private partnership.

  • Soochow University Franklin FinTech Center

    The Soochow University Franklin FinTech Center is a newly established subsidiary of the School of Business of Soochow University. The purpose to set up this center was to bridge talents of Business School’s faculty and needs of the financial institutions.

  • Center for Business Innovation and Incubation

    The purpose is to build a good comprehensive platform, flexibly utilize and integrate domestic and foreign R&D resources, such as indigenous people, rice farmers, fruit farmers, local communities, and commercial districts, to create a good environment for scientific research and entrepreneurship, which is conducive to the long-term development of SMEs and communities. It is expected to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and promotes the upgrading and transformation of industries. Meanwhile, it also generates new impetus for the economic development of communities and commercial districts.

  • Center for Bilingual Education Promotion

    To keep improving and achieve the vision of "becoming the best business school for cultivating international business management professionals", the School of Business introduces EMI teaching in the field of professional business management education, and promotes a bilingual teaching environment to create an international learning experience of "studying in school". The goal of "going abroad at school and studying abroad in the classroom" is proposed, so that students can learn professional knowledge in various fields of business management and finance, and economics in an English-speaking environment.