Business School Creative Industry Management Topics and Practical Achievements Exhibition

08 Jun, 2016

The first semester of the 107 school year of the School of Business "Creative Industry Management Topics and Practices" course, the results exhibition will be displayed from January 8th to January 10th. Welcome teachers and students to the 2123 conference room of the Chengzhong campus.
This semester, classmates take the promotion of Changhua Tanaka’s visibility as the theme, and create ideas. The output works include: the mascot Jiu Mi, Tanaka Xing, the theme song Babao Zhenshi, souvenirs (fisherman hat, T-shirt, canvas Bag), Jiumi invites everyone to take a photo together~
Course Introduction:
In recent years, "returning youth" has become a prominent school, and the National Development Council has designated 2019 as the "first year of local creation". However, on the way back to the hometown, there must be more than enthusiasm, but also a method and a sustainable business model, so that the ideal is not just a flash in the pan. In response to the advent of the creation era, the business school fulfilled its social responsibilities and advanced higher education, and actively used academic energy to assist local creation. In the first semester of the 107 academic year, a new course on "Creative Industry Management Topics and Practice" was launched to cultivate Taiwanese innovation. Students are expected to be able to use their expertise and creativity as a stepping stone to return to their hometown to run a local entrepreneurial career, and have the opportunity to make their hometown brand shine.