The School of Business (Soochow University) has been conferred the 2022-2026 AACSB re-accredited membership

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18 Apr, 2022

The US higher education accreditation institution AACSB has ratified the 5-year extension of accredited membership to the School of Business, Soochow University (SoB, SU), by the date of February 8, 2022.

For more than a century, AACSB accreditation has been synonymous with the highest standards in business education. Today, a total of 926 institutions across 60 countries and territories have earned AACSB accreditation. With the accredited membership the SoB has been conferred, it is expected that SU’s reputation worldwide should be well recognized, as well as building up the SoB’s strong basis to connect international academia.

Our focus on excellence in the areas of teaching, research, curricula development, and student learning, etc. have led the SoB to a success during the initial AACSB visit in 2017, following by the constantly held committee conferences and AACSB workshops to ensure the SoB’s administration quality across teachings, researches, and services. It is crucial to have these efforts aligned with the school-level vision, mission, and strategies, in order to accomplish every standard required by the 2021 Continuous Improvement Review (CIR).

Despite the CIR process was virtually conducted due to the Covid-19 impact, the SoB still received peer-review team’s well and constructive comments during October 31 – November 3, based on our quality control system of teaching, connection between students and alumni, academic performances, etc. Especially by impressing peer-review team with the MOE-awarded BEST (The Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College), the qualified result for extending the SoB’s accreditation was highly recommended to the CIR committee and ratified by the Board of Directors.

The application process for AACSB accredited membership has been launched during 2008 – 2016, corresponding to Dr. YUNG-HO CHIU and Dr. CHYAN-LONG JAN’s terms in Dean’s office, following by Dr. TSU-TAN FU, the successor who led the SoB to accomplish initial AACSB visit and CIR virtual visit in 2016 and 2021. The present incumbent, Dean JINSHYANG ROAN, has delivered his remark about these efforts over the past decade, as well as his sincere gratitude toward all members in the SoB, whose dedications have successfully earned the SU’s world recognition among teaching, research, and service, etc. in the business area. Such reputation certainly reinforces the SoB’s globally academic influences, which provide strong support for building our students an “International Business School”. In addition, to uphold and preserve SU’s long-term development with sustainability, we shall remain the initiatives that improve teaching quality, strengthen the researcher’s resources, and advance the administration productivity. In this way, the SoB’s mission for cultivating international and multidisciplinary business talents then become possible to fulfill.