31 October-3 November 2021-AACSB International School of Business Management Certification and Evaluation

Nov 03
  • Dean, School of Business
  • Associate Dean, School of Business
  • Alumnus
  • conference hall

From October 31st to November 3rd, SU Business School was evaluated to get the AACSB International Business School Accreditation. Abiding to the official requirements of AASCB, the evaluation checklist included interviews with industrial consultant, strategies of institutional management, departmental budgets, interviews with full-time professor/associated professor/assistant professor, interviews with part-time lecturers, interviews with departmental secretaries, learning quality assurance and curriculum management, teaching quality evaluation, interviews with undergraduate and postgraduate students etc. During the 4-day evaluation period, Dean Tsu-Tan Fu, Associate Dean Kai-Chieh Hu, Executive Director Jien-Jou Lin, Deputy Executive Director Yu-Chen Lin and Shih-Yung Chiu mainly responded to English queries and participated in English debates. In total, there were 111 participants composed of departmental Deans, subject conveners, full-time/part-time lecturers and staffs, students from individual schooling systems and the members from our working team. To wholly demonstrate our current situation and developmental goals have been in line with many AACSB standards, we have prepared a lot to face this evaluation for over the past 18 months. The process relied on the supports from various departments and all the relevant administrative units, which jointly contributed to the successful evaluation.

Translator:Pao-Sheng Chang