16 -18 November 2022- AACSB Asia Pacific Annual Conference

Dec 29
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Professor Roan, Jinshyang, the current dean of School of Business (SoB), Assistant Professor Lin, JienJou, CEO of AACSB International Accreditation office and Samuel Sia Jia Xuan, Administration Assistant of AACSB International Accreditation office went to Bangkok, Thailand to attend the AACSB Asia Pacific Annual Conference in mid-November. The meeting was held on 16th – 18th of November, 2022. Thanks to this opportunity, we were able to communicate with other AACSB accredited schools of business such as Chulalongkorn Business School, Thailand and Chung Ang University, South Korea during the conference and discuss the possibility of establishing academic exchanges or dual degree programs. By participating in this annual conference, not only were we able to partake in international academic exchanges, but we also gained insights on the trend of international business education as well as grasp the how-tos of further improving faculties’ professional teaching and of stimulating students’ interest in learning. Today’s business school are under increasing pressure to address many worldly issues such as climate change, poverty, food insecurity, violence, public health epidemics and education gaps. Business schools have much to contribute to these fights, yet many struggle to figure out their role in addressing these global issues when there aren’t always clear-cut solutions or ways to measure success. During the conference, other business schools shared and discussed, in the form of 2 keynote speeches, 6 parallel session topics and 3 forums, how they are implementing their strategies to solve the aforementioned challenges. To leave no opportunities untapped, SoB also paid a visit to the Alumni Association of Soochow University in Thailand to learn about the achievements of outstanding alumni in Thailand and to explore the possibility of future cooperation.